Fall Boxer

"I don't just want to cover up the mistake. I simply want to help people."

Race: Human(?) - Caucasian
Age: 21
Height: 5' 8"
Eye Color: Orange
Hair Color: Light brown
Weapon of Choice: Dual Beretta 92 Fs

Fall is an insubordinate member of the Templar organisation.
Do to conflicting views with her employers she often disobeys
orders or even goes AWAL for periods of time. Nonetheless,
she is a gifted agent, proficient with various firearms. She also
possesses limited kickboxing and knowledge of Folk Magic.

Do to vivid night terrors, Fall is an insomniac. Though it seems that
her dreams are more than just glimpses other realities. Be it the
insomnia or something greater, Fall has trouble interacting with
other people, and often comes off as irrational and quick to anger.

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