Race: 75% Chevalarian, 25% Demon
Age: Unknown
Height: 7' 5"
Eye Color: Teal
Hair Color: Purple
Weapon of Choice: Claws

A Chevalarian, a species from an alternate dimension, with demonic
blood, Nefarious is currently possessing Bob McKile. He, along with
three other Chevalarian warriors, were slain in a great battle upon
their home world countless centuries ago. In his failure, Nefarious’s soul
could find no rest. Nefarious is now Bob's curse, often forcing the
boy to share his feelings. He is eternally enraged and thrashes at
those in his way with brute strength and claws.
Certain triggers can cause Bob to turn completely into Nefarious,
including contact with demons or a kiss from a girl. Candy is
known to calm him down.

Nefarious comes from the webcomic Emergency Exit.

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