"Do not take me for a simple machine."

Race: Robot - Sentient
Age: Unknown
Height: 7' 4"
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: NA
Weapon of Choice: Fists

Reginald is a sentient robot of unique design. While robots are not
uncommon in the world, one of Reg's cognitive level is. As such
he'd rather where a disguise and be thought of as a giant than as a
mindless machine. Reg's emotions are limited, but they are there,
and he is perfectly capable of independent thought. Loyal to his
word but more loyal to Fall, he is often forced into a dilemma when
she goes on one of her mini-rebellions. Reginald, as far as
machines go, is good-mannered and protective.

He uses little but his brute strength in a fight. His mechanical
reflexes compensating for his huge metal body.

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