"You got plenty of reason to trust me. Just not any reason to trust that reason."

Race: Demon - Fire
Age: Appears as teenager. Real age unknown.
Height: 4' 10"
Eye Color: Orange
Hair Color: Pinkish purple
Weapon of Choice: Fire

Timothy came to the material world with one goal. To destroy things
and have a good time doing it. He was doing so quite nicely until
Fall and Reginald came along. His battle with Fall was fierce but in
time we was defeated and exorcised, his soul bound to the realm of
nothingness called the Void. He now works for Fall under the orders
of a strange shadowy creature.

In addition to fire control, Timothy possesses a few other abilities.
He has a little practice in mind-effecting magic and dark
ritual magic (sacrifices). He can fly and, being a demon, regenerate
tremendous amounts of physical damage.

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