Parallel Dementia Wizard of Oz Remix
By "The Mortician" of Project A.D.A.M.

This is freaking outstanding. I had never though of it before but there really are some similarities between PD and Oz. Here’s what Mort had to say:

“It’s a PD wizard of oz Remix. You'd be surprised how close his comic is to the movie... Dorothy is Fall: ( A character type that doesn't seem to belong in this world. Instead of being weak like Dorothy was, Fall is remixed to be tough. ) David is the Cowardly Lion: (Who needs courage when you have ... A GUN!?) Reg is The Tin woodsman: ( He may be sentient, but what he lacks instead of a heart... is a soul.) Our demon friend is the scarecrow: (Instead of being made of straw and easily burned, he controls FIRE). Visage is the wicked witch of the west (he has demons which are easily flying monkeys!) Midas is the Wizard/Professor. Like in the movie, he would be the only one that like Dorothy, comes from her world. The tower in this picture is comic's representation of the emerald city... but a tower that's purple.”

Well done, Mort. Very creative.

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