2005 December

12/ 24/ 2005

A few things to take care of here:
Firstly: I have been put behind schedule by a cold/ fever. Yes, that is correct, I have a schedule. Actually, it's more like I've been hoping to get myself into the habit of updating the comic once every three days. But while sick I got nothing accomplished. So no comic for a few days still (No plan on working on X-mas).

Secondly: Corgan Dane, creator of the web comic Many Tidings Grim , has put together this awesome tree for "Genmas". It features ornaments made by different comic genesis artists (including myself) as well as a few pieces of art in the form of gifts under the tree. Go see it HERE!

Thirdly: You should have a working issues page now. I know the name is a little confusing and I do plan on changing it sometime in the future, but for now "archives" looked a little too scrunched on the image size I made. It's actually been there for a few days but the link was not working. I think it does now. Meh.

Hmm, it feels like there was something else... Oh right. Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays.

12/ 17/ 2005-


12/ 15/ 2005-

Okay. So my comic has been up for a few weeks now, and I have not done much in terms of explaining myself or prettying up the website. For now I give you a news box thingy.

I am pretty proud of Parallel Dementia thus far. And want to assure you that I plan on continuing the comic for as long as I can think up material. I have the entire first Issue (which is quite a bit longer than the prologue) in rough draft and am working on scripting the second. Some bits and pieces of other issues lie scattered about in various note books (where school work should be) and in my sketchbook. I guess I am saying that this will not be made up as it goes along, and will have been looked over before becoming final draft. The comic itself is a story-based one. I know that it will raise a lot of questions initially, but I plan on bringing you this world piece by piece.

As for the site. I guess this box of rambling text is a decent addition. But I do plan on adding a few more features and some... you know... graphics. I am looking forward to the future of this comic and any responses you few viewers might have *cough* email me *cough*.

One more thing. I want to thank Comic Genesis for hosting this website. And my friend Evan for providing me with Photoshop and a good deal of insight.

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