2006 April


I added an extras page to the site. So far it is relatively bare and features just a tutorial on how I create fire (cause so many people have asked me that). But in time there will be other stuff.


Great jumping jelly beans! I got three fan arts today! Two more from NJ Huff. And a very unsuspected one from Michelle Mayo. Also another from me to NJ is up.


Two new fan arts by me up. That is all.


Ah. New tag board. Tired of the old one clearing on me. Some more fan art I made is forthcoming. Also. Today's strip (the 21st) has some full color versions of the photos in the newspaper clippings. I'm trying to decide what to do with them. It feels too early to add myself to those bigger vote sites. Or I could use these as incentives. I might just make an Extras page and put them, along with other stuff there. Oh, the possibilities!


I finished puting up all the fan art I've done. This concludes the Deep fan art and has three others. Also, going to fix the main buttons up there eventualy.


New fan art from NJ in the art page. This time it's a regular gender! Also finally added a Bios page that has information about the main characters thus far.


Got a few more links up in the Links page. As well as a few images for those who would like to link to PD. I also submitted PD to comic catalogue. So you can click on that there button above the news box to vote for me.
Edit: Another update to the art section. With a new transgender gift art from NJ Huff of Emergency Exit and Undead Friend. As well as two more of the Deep fan arts by me.


Updated to the art section. Featuring two more of the fan arts I did for Deep and an awesome one for me by Darryl Fabia (Escushion) of Coiling Spine.


Okay, I'm back from my vacation. And boy did I miss internet.
Issue two is now ready to begin (And I have to say I'm proud of the script). It's a bit more lacking on the action, but should provide a lot more detail into the world of PD.

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