2006 August

8/ 28/ 06

Whoops. I really should mention that last Sunday's update was the last Sunday update for a while. I am starting school again soon and will be going back to a Mon/ Wed/ Fri schedule for quite some time. Yup.

8/ 17/ 06

Three more chibis by NJ Huff of Undead Friend and Emergency Exit.
Also a new vote incentive.

8/ 13/ 06

New chibi from NJ!

8/ 10/ 06

A little while ago I opened up submissions on my forums for Templar cameos. These people that volunteered themselves will now be making up the supporting cast amongst the Templar throughout the story of PD. I also had a coloring contest for Ms. Ivanova, the woman in the last panel. Whoever's coloring scheme I liked the most I would use for her. Liberty Cabbage of Freedom Fries and Deep provided the one I liked the most. Thanks LC!

8/ 8/ 06

Well, the tag board seems to be down. I hope this gets fixed soon. But on the bright side I got 4 more chibis from NJ Huff. Do I really need to repeat the comics NJ makes? YES! Go read Undead Friend and Emergency Exit.
EDIT: I've added three more links to the link page. Bad Ass Muthas, a comic that's hard to define but thus far involves some semi-futuristic awesomeness and magic and demons and stuff.
Dr. McNinja, one of the funniest comics I've read. About a ninja who is also a doctor.
Metrophor , rather new comic. Made by the collaborative effort of both a fantastic artist and writer. This fantasy story has proven quite unique thus far.

8/ 2/ 06

I got four new chibis from NJ Huff of Undead Friend and Emergency Exit. She also told me how to make footnotes for comic pages. Something so simple but something I did not know. Footnotes show up under pages and, as I go through the archive, will list any cameos in on that page. Or in the case of more obscure events, reminders with links to the page with said reminder. So within the next few days i hope to finish all that. For now, a cameo of Orrick, from Undead Friend.

8/ 1/ 06

Lots of new art today. New vote incentive is up under the lower vote button. The upper one does not work at the moment. If the sire is not running again soon I will remove it.
Also got a new fan art project dedicated to PD (Seriously, I am so freaking spoiled). This one by NJ Huff of Undead Friend and Emergency Exit, who vows to render every character in PD (That has at least a minor talking role and maybe shows up in more than one page) in CHIBI FORM! In the meantime, Escushion of Coiling Spine continues his fan art 100 with the new "colorless" piece. And I got another fan art from Zem of Zombination of one of the more obscure characters.
Finally, there is a new fan art by me up. As well as a new other art thing. WEE!
Edit: Come to think of it, getting rod of top voting link and replacing it with an Online Comics link.

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