2006 December


I've added Avernyght to the links page. It's a fantasy setting with some very original aspects to it. Quite new but worth a read.


Got my secret Santa from who I think is Doublemint of The Best and the Brightest!!!
There's also another fan art by me and other art added. Enjoy.


MERRY CHRISTMAS! (Okay, so it's not quite Christmas here for a few hours. But I don't think I'll be around the computer much tomorrow) And so starts the crossover. For the next few months, PD will update every day! Not just weekdays, EVERY DAY!!! NJ Huff will be drawing every other page! ENJOY!


First and foremost: This Christmas begins a crossover with Emergency Exit of epic proportions. So if you haven't read EE yet I'd highly advise doing so.
Second and...second...most... Some friends of mine have recently put up a documentary on a fake sport that they call Mongolian Kickboxing!!! I'm in it as a referee and as a historian!
And thirdly, I've added to guest arts I made to the art page.


New fan art! This be a cool looking Timmy from Saenie who has a Deviant Art account!


I got a Secret Santa fan art from Marko Fithian of Roomies! And some guest art I made has been added to the art page as well.


I've added Post Nuke to the links page. It's a totally awesome (and pretty realistic, considering) comic. I think the titles is enough for you to figure out what it's about.


I've removed Junk Riot and Playing with Knives from the links page, as both comics have ended (I would still sugest giving them a try though).
MV, the creator of Junk Riot, has, along with some others, started a new webcomic called Avernyght.
A few new PD link banners have been added to the bottom of the links page, too.


Visage got a cameo at Indefensible Positions! Remus also gave me a larger version of that cameo that I have put in the fan art section!


Edit: I got an awesome fan art from Justin, who has a Deviant Art account. It's so highly kick ass!!!

Wow. It's been a whole year since PD's first page went online. I have to say this has been one of the most rewarding and entertaining experiences of my life. I've not only gotten to read several web comics I'd have otherwise not heard of, but I've gotten to interact on some level with their creators! It has its quirks, that's for sure. But aside from the occasional drama the web comic community is great to be a part of, and I'm really glad to be a part of it. Not only that, but, while I'll be the first to admit I must improve, I've gotten better in writing and art this last year than I though was impossible for me in such a short time. This has to be the longest I've carried on a project, and I have no plans of stopping until I've seen it the entire way through. Readers, fellow comic makers, rabid Timothy fangirls, I salute you.
A long and horribly boring history of PD has been addes to the Extras page. If you like reading textbooks and looking at horrible art, you'll enjoy it.
The mosaic was made with AndreaMosaic.


Little bit o' site changes. The vote banners have all been centered, as you can see. Where they used to be, above the news box, is a random link banner. I want to thank Computer Hope for the javascript to run that thing!
In case anyone wanted to know, here's my deal with linking other comics now. In the links page I'll put pretty much any web comic I read, so long as it's not already very well know (I just don't feel PvP or Penny Arcade need hits from me). There are several other web comics I check up on once in a while, but the ones there are pretty much my regulars. Now, this new rotating link on the main page only links to comics not only in my links page, but that I think have enough in common that if you like PD you will like them. I'm not playing favorites or anything. The comics there are just ones I highly recommend for PD readers.
Hmm. I over explained that, didn't I? Oh well!
I'd also like to inform you that something epic is coming, so I strongly suggest reading Emergency Exit! BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE! (Okay, it'll never be too late... but STILL!)


I've updated the bios page. Replaced most of the images, fixed a few spelling errors, and added bios for Alexi and Midas.

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