2006 February


The links section has been reworked. It now includes the fellow artists (and the organizer/ writer) for Deep, the collaborative project I'm in. It also contains a larger list of comics I read.
About "Deep": This is a collaborative comic being written and organized by Jay Goldberg (A.K.A. Liberty Cabbage) of Freedom Fries. The idea is to have a comic that updates three times a week, but with a total of nine artists. This means each artist has 3 weeks to make the comic assigned to them. The amount of styles brought to the table should give this comic a certain flair. The site is not up yet but you can go check out the forum to get more info. I've also undertaken the project of making fan art for each of the collaborators. Once I have them all finished I'll try get around to posting them in my Art page. Until then you can see them so far in the Deep forums.


The fan art seems to be pouring in in for some reason. And by pouring I mean I got another! This one is by Escushion, the creator of Coiling Spine, which is one of my favorites. Escushion's comic is one of the biggest contributors to my comic in terms of linkage and hits. So I encourage any readers to return the favor for me by reading his comic. It's a post-apocalyptic adventure story with otherworldly elements and a sort of wild west feel to it. Plus a dark sense of humor.

I also got a tagboard, or shoutbox, or whatever you want to call it. I was tinkering with the idea of getting one for a while but finally decided to when Escushion suggested so. Please, if you like, hate, or have anything to say (preferably about the comic, but whatever) feel free to do so. That's what the shoutbox is for.


I just got another fan art! This time it's from Lei, one of the creators of Vengeance and Wrath. Go check it out in the Art section. On another note: I have added some more links to the links section.


My quasi-emo friend, Joseph (last name emited since I don't know if he's okay with me posting it), gave me a fan art that is now up in the Art section.


Thanks, once again, to Liberty Cabbage of Freedom Fries for helping with some website things again. You may have noticed already, but I got the images for the Art page working. That would be thanks to LC, who I now believe is a mage of some sort. Anyways I put the last few touches on the Art page for now. Also wanted to point out that I'm pretty proud with today's page (# 21). I don't do action drawings that much and think that, despite a few annoying errors I see now, it turned out good. Just, uh, ignore that the bullets are coming from a direction other than Fall's...

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