2006 January


Okay. I've gotten the art page working now, but should point out that in its creation something happened. Something...odd... Originally I wanted to have a small image depicting a bit of the fan art/ my art that the image linked to. This makes sense, because it will show you generally what the real image is. However, I couldn't get the little images to show up. Now, I'm not a good HTML programmer. But I know how to make images show up. As one would hope can be noticed, seeing how there are images on the website. I tried to get these "sample" images to show up a few different times, and every time it seemed the code checked out. But they still didn't show. This has lead me to one logical conclusion: The images are cursed. So now rather than cool little samples you get the names of the various art pieces. One day I will get a powerful mage to break this curse and try the little preview images again... one day... The actual art images show up by the way. Check 'em out!


Alright. I've basically got my "art" page (just look at the new button up top) together but I just want to actually put it up and see how it works before completion. For now, while miniature images of all the pieces planed to be put up appear, only the single gift art will actually link you to the real image. All the rest go to the December news right now. If this works then I will likely have finished the art page by tomorrow. For the time being just bear with it. For me the best way to make sure this works is to see it in action.
Oh, and thanks to "Liberty Cabbage" of Freedom Fries for telling me how to get rid of the borders around the link images.


Starting February I'm going to try updating on a Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday schedule. As apposed to my current every three days schedule. With finals over and some time to relax before the new semester becomes difficult, I hope I can make comics fast enough. So if this works it means more comics for you! If it doesn't then I'll likely go back into the old schedule. We'll see.
Also, I'm getting on making a gallery page to show off fan art and my own art! WOO!


Finals week is coming up. So while I should still be able to update the comic once every three days, I will not be able to finish the art gallery page I have been working on for a while still. For shame. And I got a gift art from the very generous NJ Huff of Emergency Exit and Undead Friend, who I also made a fan art for.
I've also joined a cool collaborative project with a writer and 8 other artists. This is a great opportunity for me and am quite grateful to "Liberty Cabbage" of Freedom Fries for allowing me to work on it (though he claims to be lucky I volunteered, oh well). I actually joined this a few days ago but think I'm allowed to talk about it now (it was all secretish for a while). Go swing buy the forums for it if you wish. (My name in the forums is 834n).


Woohoo! I got the links page up! More to come I guess. And I need to to something about that pesky title and lack of author name...


Well it looks like I finaly got some action cominng into this comic. Hope I don't disapoint. I'm begining to make an art gallary page and a links page. But As a slow coder, it will take a while for me to get them finished. The jam is still going and has taken an interesting turn of events. You can (and MUST!) still see it HERE.


It's been a while since I last posted any news down here. But I think it's worth mentioning this:
Comic Genesis really is more than just a host to comics. Its forum is an awesome place to hang out and converse with other artists/ writers (and some people that don't have comics, but are just into them). A cool thing that happens on this forum is called a "jam". A jam is essentially an artist starting a story (likely staring him/ herself) and then leaving it after a page or two for others to continue off of (adding themselves, or their forum identities, to the story). Anyways, I'm participating in one right now. One that was put together specifically for those who are never (or rarely) in jams. While it may be incredibly random and have a good deal of inside jokes, I invite you to take a look at it HERE. I'm not too proud of my first two strips, but they are kinda necessary to set up my character...I guess. (who I'm surprised to say takes up cool role). My name in this is "834n" by the way. Check it out.

1/ 1/ 2006

Happy New Year!!! So I added this "ramblings" button to the sight. It takes you to previous news posts (if you care to read any previous posts...). Woot! By making it through New Years I have made my comic seem much older than it really is. People will look at the date of the first comics and be all "Oh, 2005, that means this comic is a year old". But little do they know: It was made in December. Mwahahaha!

Err...I've ran out of stuff to say. Seeya.

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