2006 July

7/ 24/ 06

Escushion of Coiling Spine continues the fan art 100 project with "Choices". Check it out!

7/ 23/ 06

Wow, I have not been saying much here at all recently. Likely because the forum tends to be where I do most of my comic talk now. Anyway, new vote incentive is up. Some concept sketches of an upcoming character.


I got a fan art from Mort, creator of Project A.D.A.M.
New vote thingy up too. Nothing to do with PD, it's for a d20 RPG I'm working on.


I got two new fan arts from Escushion of Coiling Spine for his fan art 100, and another fan art from Joseph of Abnormal Lives. Also added two fan arts and two guest arts by me. So lots of new pictures to look at! And as a reminder, I now have a forum. Go there. GO THERE! (please.)
Oh, and a link to Elvenbaath is now in the links page. I just picked it up recently. It's a fun blend of action and humor and stuff. And it's got Elves! And a robot! And other cool stuff!

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