2006 June


I got a spooky Timothy fan art from Lei of Veangeance and Wrath!
Also, I am a character in the current story line in Emergency Exit . It's about RPGs, my life blood. CHECK IT OUT!

EDIT: Thanks to M2 of Junk Riot and FreakquencyLTD, Parallel Dementia now has a FORUM! Click HERE or on the below image to go there. I will be making it into a new button at the top of the page there shortly. While you need to register to use it, it's a lot better of a place for interaction than the tag board is. And I hope too keep the forum an entertaining place to be. Pretty barren so far, as the forums had to start from scratch do to technical issues 9I blame gremlins). But in time this could be an fun and friendly webcomic community.


Reginald (or someone dressed up like him) makes an appearance at a convention in this page of Emergency Exit! PD's first cameo! WOOO!


I have been endowed with a fan art from Humbug of Tales of Pylea!


New vote thingy. It's Reginald.


New fan arts! Escushion of Coiling Spine continues his Fan Art 100, while Adom Balcom of Zombination fan arts a yet to be fully revealed menace.


I've got a plan, and hope I can pull it off. Said plan is to start updating four times a week, as apposed to the current three. After a careful consideration that did not involve randomly drawing from a hat I decided that the fourth page will be up Sundays. So Parallel Dementia will now updates Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday (wow, I'm overly explaining things, aren't I?).
The reasoning for more updates? Well, I'm on summer break, have no job, and want to get moving on this story. I hope to be able to stick to this new schedule, and if I can't then I'll stop Sunday updates. No loss there. Just not a gain. Or something.
When school starts up again I may drop down to 3 a week again, we'll see. But that's not for a few months yet.


Added a new desktop to the Extras section.


OH MY GOD! I got nominated for Outstanding Newcomer and Outstanding use of Color for the Web Cartoonists' Choice Awards! This...I...HOLY SHIT! I don't care of I win either (well, I do, but not all too much) I'm just freaking honored to have been nominated. For TWO categories! Dude, fans, fellow web comic folk, anyone else. I LOVE YOU ALL!


Escushion of Coiling Spine has continued his quest of fan art with the prompt for "beginnings". You can see it in his fan art 100 section in the art page.


The second panel of today' comic (#69) holds a variety of cameos.
Grey swirly monster on the left is Chaos from Many Tidings Grim.
The black horned guy next to him is Cope, creator of Atavism.
The pink critter with the veins is Skeeter of Indefensible Positions.
The orange tooth thingy in the center is a monster that appeared in Beyond Reality.
The reptilian fellow on the far right is Net, writer of Tales of the Traveling Gnome.
In the back is Nefarious of Emergency Exit.
And sticking his skinny yellow hand out of the panel is The Dancing Man of Coiling Spine. .


New vote incentive is up (bottom button). This time of Fall. Also a look into an idea for another set of clothing for her.


The art page has had a little bit of a reworking. Because Darryl Fabia (Escushion) of Coiling Spine has decided to undergo a fan art 100 just for Parallel Dementia!!! Escushion rocks! His fan art 100 project now has its section in the art page. I wish him luck.
Escushion also gave me another regular fan art o_O


I got another fan art! This one by Rai of But Mullet. Go check it out in the art page!
I also added one fan art by me and one other art.
And as a reminder voting for me for Topcomics (lower vote button) will unlock for you a picture of David Shizukana.

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