2006 March


The collaborative project, DEEP, is now up and running. So swing by and check it out! It updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. And cycles between 9 different artists.
Also, I'm going to be leaving in a few days for spring break. I think there will be enough pages uploaded ahead of time to update regularly while I'm gone. But I'm not too sure how often access I will have to Internet and therefor don't know if I'll be posting on the tag board or answering emails. Though it's slightly possible that I will have ready access to Internet during the vacation, so we'll see.
While I'm gone I believe issue one will end, too. So when I get back (around April second) it's comic pitching time!


HUGE update to the art section. Fan art I made for the fellow Deep collaborators. The crazy thing is I still have a few finished and given to their respective owners, I'll put those up at a later date though. I still have a small amount of people left too.


I updated the links page. Just thought I'd let you know.


Wellz, after a chunk of practice and thought I've decided that I have no control over my Wacom. I kept thinking that with practice I'd get the hang of it, but just couldn't. It really comes from the way I hold a pen, which is very odd and limits my mobility with the tablet. When trying to hold it how all you "normal" people do, I had even less control. And what do I do when I don't succeed at something right off? I quit! Just like I did with flying and eye beams (well, I tried the eye beams for a while, but to no avail, I'm afraid).
Anyhoo. I just wanted to point out that two of my friends have started webcomics. Neither has much of anything up yet, just a few pages and such, but still. Adom (A.K.A. Zem) has created a story-based comic about zombies called ZOMBINATION. Joseph (A.K.A... Joe) has made a random gag-based comic called ABNORMAL LIVES.
Also worth mentioning that I will hopefully get around to the links section and update it with both these new comics, in addition to some Deep changes, do to people joining, and leaving and such.


First and foremost:


I can give a better account of what happened now. My computer, which I have had for over two years broke down on me. I suppose it was my fault, as I failed to truly defend it against viruses. At all.
So anyways, it broke down and I brought it to a reliable shop in town to get it fixed. It had to be reformatted though, meaning that it's memory was lost. In terms of the comic it's not too big a deal. I lost Photoshop, along with a script I have pretty much memorised and some unfinished comic panels. I had also saved each panel of each page separately, in case I wanted to make a desktop or something later. But oh well.
I'm back now and downloading many a file to get running again. I've also bought myself a Wacom tablet (which came with Photoshop) and am trying to get the hang of it. Hopefully it will mean larger updates in the future.
I hope to have a new strip by Monday, maybe earlier. And I apologise for the wait.
Oh! And I got a new fan art from Liberty Cabbage of Freedom Fries!

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