2006 May


Few things to say here.
1) I am now registered with Top Comics. I will occasionally be putting incentives up for voting. The current incentive is one of David Shizukana.
2) I have also registered with UBlam. Who was kind enough to offer a free registration to webcomics. A click on the UBlam link in the links page will bring you randomly to another UBlam registered site. Fun times!
3) I've gotten a lot of hits from Deep recently. The collaborative I'm in. And I think this is mostly hits by proxy do to LC, the creator of Deep, purchasing an add on Dominic Deegan. So thanks, LC. And to any Dominic Deegan readers that stumbled across the site, welcome! I hope you find PD entertaining.


Two more fan arts I made in the art page.


Updated the Extras page with the colored versions of the newspaper clippings and a desktop.


Added two new fan arts for me and four more by me. Also added three comics to the links page. Check 'em out!


I added two new images to the "other art" section of the art page. Enjoy.


Woooooo! More fan art for me! This time from Escushion of Coiling Spine. (I am so spoiled) Also added one from me too Escushion.


I got another art from NJ and made another for her. Why all this art exchanged between us? Well, it's a well kept secret.
...Actually a few people know the meaning of this. But they are an elite few!
...Actually it isn't hard to figure this out if- Maybe I should stop talking before I give this all away.
Also, I added a comic called Black Tie! to the links page. It's a pretty funny read and is fairly new (only a handful of pages). Basicaly a randomly offensive gag-a-page comic.

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