2006 November


I'm back! For the next few weeks vote incentives are drawn by NJ Huff of Emergency Exit. Those almost looks like concept sketches. Hmm. Has is CROSSed any one's mind why NJ is sketching those things OVER there?


I'm going to be visiting some family for Thanksgiving. Leaving early tomorrow and coming back around Sunday. The comic will update normally but I won't be answering emails or on the forum. Seeya in a few days.


Reginald got a cameo for Big Fight in Angry D. Monkey. I'll be rooting for you in the tournament, Reg!
Fan art from Hazard's Wake, a comic who's creepy monsters put mine to shame.


Holy crap! Two more fan arts! One by Cope of Atavism and the other by Zem of Zombination.


Got a fan art from Foorley and another from Escushion of Coiling Spine (this one not part of his fan art 100)! Also added one fan art I made for someone else, but I find that not nearly as exciting.


New fan art 100 from Escushion of Coiling Spine! This one be spirit!
I am a cameo over in the current EE plot too. Starts here.


Wow. Hey. Guess what I forgot to mention. PD's going back to four times a week. Expect Sunday updates now too.


Stuff! Got two new chibis from NJ Huff of Emergency Exit! There is a cameo of Reginald at Project Adam! Three new links added to the links page!
Orange Revolution. I replaced the link to Freedom Fries with this for FF no longer updates. It takes place in the same insane world as FF but is far darker and focuses more on action than on wackiness (still has plenty of that, though).
Playing With Knives. This is cute comedy that takes place on a cooking show studio. It contains a zombie, imp, fairy, ninja octopus, mime, and more. What else must I say?
Knights of Vesteria. This one started out as a forum fiction and later became a comic. It's a very dark fantasy, and I got a character in it! Keep your eyes open for a goblin named Grish!!


Timmy got a cameo at Backroads this Halloween!
I got an ad up for the month on The Noob. So to any The Noob viewers, welcome! Hope you enjoy!
Last. The Halloween pic is now in the extra art section for those who missed it.

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