2006 October


HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Okay... so it's not Halloween here yet. But I'm not sure if I'll be here to put this up tomorrow or if I'll be out partying that day being a responsible teenager that day. So better sooner than later! (It's Halloween somewhere in the world, right?)

Timmy is Dottiar from Tales of the Traveling Gnome.
David is Matt from Beyond Reality.
Fall is Mahala from Undead Friend.
Reginald is Wirebound from Indefensible Positions.


Fan art from Vorticus of Playing with Knives!!!


I got fan art from James Totts of Many Worlds! And there are two new fan arts by me up.


By Odin's beard! Fall got a cameo at Atavism!!! Check it oooouuuuut!


I got's a spiffy new fan art from Mort of Project A.D.A.M.!
Also, PD will update six days next week. More info here.
But wait, more good stuff! NJ has created a kickass music video featuring panels and pages
from several Comic Genesis comics. Orion and myself helped to find them and Team Mayhem
helped to get it hosted! YOU WATCH IT!


The bios page has been given a MUCH needed overhaul. I'll be adding more characters soon. Check it out :D


I reworked the links page so that now it gives you a description on each comic.
Also a reminder that vote incentives now change about once every two or three days.

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