2006 September


NJ of EE and UF has made a chibi of Ra the bus-driver!
And T_ has made a fan art of Fall! Go check 'em out!


New Chibi from NJ Huff of Emergency Exit and Undead Friend!!!
Also, I'm going to try something different with the vote incentives (blue and white banner to the right). Rather than make a new drawing of some character every three or four weeks or however long it takes me to update the incentive, I'm going to be putting up things like doodles, concept art, and maybe works-in-progress of upcoming panels. These last ones wouldn't have any spoilers really, just be a rough look at my process and what's coming a few pages in the future. I just wanted to let you know that I won't be informing you when I update the incentives as often. Why? Because with this method you can expect a new vote incentive once a week at least. More likely every few days. See? It's my evil plan to get readers to vote more! MWAHAHA! The new incentive and the next few will be some character head shots for a bios page revision.


New vote image is up. It's Alexi Ivanova.


I owe RA some comic pimping for her fan art. And her comic is up now. It has just begun but go check out Gremlins: The Toxic Takeover. Do it. Or RA will eat your face off! I'm not kidding! I've seen her do it!!!


I totally forgot to mention this when I saw it. But someone made a Wiki for PD! Thank you, random Wiki making person! It's awesome to see someone else write up something about my comic, even if thus far it is just a "stub" entry.


New Chibi from NJ of UF and EE!


Great new Timothy fan art in the art section! From RA, who will be starting a new comic soon, which I will anounce here when it comes out so that she didn't waste her opurtunity for some comic pimping!
Also added two links to the links page.
Project A.D.A.M. Very new but showing promise. Already has cat people (er...person) and giant robots!
Zebra Girl. Far from new but just plane awesome. High quality blend of humor and storyline about a girl who has become a demon.


I updated the art section! I've neglected that for a while. Anyway, five new fan arts I made are up.
Oh! Also a reminder that PD is back down to three pages a week (Mon, Wed, Fri). Because I'd rather save myself some time for when school starts back up soon. You know, homework and all that jazz.

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