2007 August


Archive page has been updated with the new look.


A reader fluent in Russian has provided far more proper translations for the Russian seen in this flashback. The reader has chosen to remain anonymous though (such modesty!). But a big thank you to them.

Lei of Turning Point and Equinox has made a funny fan art. Poor Timmy, losing his limbs like he does is going to haunt him forever.


It's become apparent to me that relying on online translations is not the best method for getting Russian in these current strips. While I did half-heartedly try and get some people I knew to translate for me, many simply didn't have the time. As the deadline got closer I just settled with using poor translations for the general effect that characters were speaking a language other than English.
However, I'm willing to fix that now (it's simple enough to go back and change text in the more recent pages). If any readers are fluent in Russian (I don't care if it's done in the Russian or English alphebet as long as it's consistent) and willing to do a little translation then please send me an email at ben.fleuter@gmail.com. I understand that many American phrases have trouble translating or simply don't, so if you'd like to volunteer be prepared to work with me to change lines a little bit. In addition to the pages already up there are a few more to go, but all in all it's not much that needs translation.
If someone does help then I'd be happy to draw them something of their choice as "payment".


I forgot to mention a cameo of Alexi over at Litter Box XIII!


The contact page is now up. But that's hardly exciting, is it? What IS exciting is another fan art by Wrayth!

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