2007 January


Thar be a cameo of me over at Reckless Youth!!! Damnit, me! Stop listening to your ipod and DO SOMETHING!


Hmm. Long time no news. A few things today.
I got two fan arts from NJ Huff. These depict the strangest pair in PD.
I know I've been making style changes spontaneously, an if that bugs anyone I'm sorry. But I'm going to be making a change again starting with tomorrow's page. Basically, I'm stepping up the linework a bit, or trying to. Tomorrow's page is a little rough but I think I'm getting the hang of it now. For examples of what this style kinda looks like go here and here.
Finally, some bad news. Sorry. The crossover is going to drop from seven days a week to five. Saturday and Sunday updates will cease. The reason for this is mostly NJ and my schedules. NJ has college and quite a few other projects and I'm starting up my senior project soon, which will take a lot of my time. So rather than rush pages, updates slow down. Of course, this means the already long crossover will now carry on even longer!


HI! Okay, I've added a few links to the links page (as apposed to adding links to a non-links page...)
The Curious Adventures of Aldus Maycombe, a fantasy that's approaching the genre with a very interesting way. For one, it's more of a steam-type age. Trains and whatnot. And seems more like a fairytale than a Tolkien-esc fantasy.
Dissent is a fantasy as well. It's made by the same person who made the now hiatused Oops, Nevermind. Very new but this has a beautiful website and looks to be very promising.
Everything from the character design to the website itself in Just Another Escape is damn pretty. This almost dreamlike story centers around those living in the Rain House on a university.
So go a checkin' 'em out! A new piece of mine added to the art page too.


New fan art by NJ Huff of
Undead Friend and Emergency Exit!


Today the webcomic Super Freaks has started! For those who didn't already know, this is a super hero comic written by Matt Summers (Who also writes Tales of the Traveling Gnome, Tales of Pylea, and Knights of Vesteria)
It is drawn by NJ Huff of Emergency Exit and Undead Friend and is colored by me. So go check it out! It's been added to the links page, of course. And now a link to Super Freaks and the other project I'm a part of, Deep, can be found above the tagboard. WOOHOO!

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