2007 July


I'm going to be going to Comic Con tomorrow where there will be fun and merriment in geekish form.
There will still be a page on Friday, in theory. If CG botches again it might not be up until I get back Sunday.
Ah well, seeya!


Looks like the home page is done but for a few touch ups. The old art page has been split into Gallery and Fan Work. Gallery has my work in it while Fan Work has all of the fan and gift art PD's gotten, as well as fan projects. So now the name implies more than just art (a friend of mine made a little music I'll try and get up soon.) There's also a new piece in there by Wrayth!


Still slowly updating things. The links page should be fully reworked now.


I'm working on updating the site. So some images and stuff will be going all weird for a little.


I'm back. Actually I was back a while ago but didn't have much to report. That and Comic Genesis is still acting a bit screwy so it was hard to update the site.
On that note, they're working on switching the servers right now and are encountering a few problems on the way. But I'll bet my fortune of Ramen that it'll be fixed within a week and we can all get back to happy rainbow bunny land. Then, united as one, we can take over this land cause they'd never see it coming. Yes, it will be a grand time and you, my loyal followers, will receive your just plunder in the end!
Also, I've decided to get a Deviant Art account finally. I'll totally like... put art up there!
ALSO ALSO, the Ask a Character thread is now active in the forums. So swing on by and ask your favorite (or not so favorite) characters something if you so want to.

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