2007 June




Guest strips start tomorrow and run until the 28th. I got enough that there will be a new piece of guest work every day until then.
I get back around the 2nd or 3rd of July and hope to start new PD updates the 2nd regardless (I'll find an Internet café if I have to!)
Thanks to Scientivore, Lunar, KR, Marko, Claude, Cope, wp, NJ, Orion, Nervouse Spy, and Matt for their work. Gold stars to the lot of you.
Those that run comics do a fine job, please check them out.


Well that's it. The crossover with EE is now over. At 130 pages and six months, this is the longest crossover in both time and pages in webcomic history (according to expert sources, that is). I have to say, I enjoyed it, but never again would I be willing to spend that much time on crossover, let alone a single storyline. After all that was invested into this I really look forward to my break followed by working on PD myself. But Ms. Huff, this project was freaking epic and thank you for being half of it all the way through.
I know some of my readers didn't like the crossover, and I know some people wished EE and PD would remain the same comic forever. Well, whatever you felt it's over now. Parallel Dementia might do a crossover again. But when and with whom, I dunno. I hope that most of you liked it and I hope some of you EE readers stick around.

Here's the game plan now: Next Monday I'll begin updating with the first of the guest art. I'm not yet sure how often new guest art will go up while I'm gone, as it's still coming in and I want to space it out evenly. No matter the amount of guest art, I'm shooting for PD picking up again in the first week of July.
At that point I'm going down to a twice a week update schedule. I was thinking along the lines of Mondays and Fridays, but am open to input on the forums. This is technically less pages than I've been putting up, but most pages will be longer than before.

I feel like I need some sort of closing statement. Huh.


Oho I got a new forum, settling with one on Comic Genesis rather than a collective.
I understand that CG's been having some troubles lately, but they promise it will be over soon, your patience is appreciated. Any missing pages will be posted on my forum but I think this problem's nearly at its end.

While on my vacation I'm hoping to get some redesigning of the website done. If you have any input check this tread out.

New desktop added to Extras.

Next on the agenda, I'm just going to paste this news again:
The crossover is now approaching its conclusion. However, just a few days after it ends I'm leaving the Internet behind for a road trip/ family reunion. I'll be gone for about two weeks, and given another shorter trip about a week before hand, and how much work these crossover pages can be, I don't think I'll have a buffer for the time I'm gone.
So, I've asked the Comic Genesis forum for guest strips and guest art. I wanted to make the call here, too, for those who read PD and would like to give it a shot.
What I'm looking for is guest art, guest strips, fanfic, anything of the sort. Hopefully I'll get enough to provide some adequate filler while PD takes a two week break. Anything I get will go up on the main page, like a normal comic page would, with a link to the contributor's website (or websites, if the piece is a team effort or the contributor has more than one website.)
Anything's greatly appreciated.
Those interested please send the guest work to me along with your name (screen name or real name, whatever works for you) and website address if any. I'd like to get any submissions by June 17th. That's a few days before I head out.

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