2007 March


Gots a new fan art from Lei! CHECK IT OUT!
Also, no forum for a while now. Dunno how long, but I left the Freak Forums.


Hey ho, whatdaya know, it’s news time. I got two fan art sketches from Sput of Ordinary Vanity (many <3)! A fan art by me is up as well.

The bios page has been updated not only with newer images and Mr. Silverton’s bio, but with complete bios of the EE crossover cast!

I’ve been a horribly neglectful person and forgot to mention the Cameo Wars. Run by Hogan of the Crossover and Cameo Archives, this interdimensional war spans several webcomics. For your own sake in the matter, I suggest reading this site, which has all of the comic pages involved in the war in the proper order (from bottom to top). You may note some familiar monsters from PD have a role in this. I’ve been putting off my obligations to this giant collaborative project, sorry Hogan D:

Alright, lastly, the forums are down. I know, how horrendous. I’m not sure when/ if they will be back up and there is a good chance that the forum will have to start anew. Only time will tell.


I’ve been having some internet troubles recently. But they seem to be over now, so I can show you the awesome fan art I got. One from wp of M-Theory and the other from Dave of Home by Seven!
I coulda sworn there was something else of some importance I wanted to say. Huh. Don’t you hate when that happens?


Guess what's back.
Coiling Spine!


Stuff. Stuff of saying. Stuff saying time.
New link. Remember Gremlins? No? Well SHAME ON YOU! It’s creator has started a new comic called Ordinary Vanity. Quite new but quite pretty. It’s a single panel comic about-
I guess I shouldn’t give anything away. Anyway, check it out!
I’ve also added three arts by me to the art page.

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