2007 May


My mistake. I'm leaving for vacation sooner than thought and would like to get any guest work by June 17th.


There's a cameo (sedond to last panel) of me over at Equinox!


The crossover is now approaching its conclusion. However, just a few days after it ends I'm leaving the Internet behind for a road trip/ family reunion. I'll be gone for about two weeks, and given another shorter trip about a week before hand, and how much work these crossover pages can be, I don't think I'll have a buffer for the time I'm gone.
So, I've asked the Comic Genesis forum for guest strips and guest art. I wanted to make the call here, too, for those who read PD and would like to give it a shot.
What I'm looking for is guest art, guest strips, fanfic, anything of the sort. Hopefully I'll get enough to provide some adequate filler while PD takes a two week break. Anything I get will go up on the main page, like a normal comic page would, with a link to the contributor's website (or websites, if the piece is a team effort or the contributor has more than one website.)
Anything's greatly appreciated.
Those interested please send the guest work to me along with your name (screen name or real name, whatever works for you) and website address if any. I'd like to get any submissions by June 20th. That's a few days before I head out.


Added a new fan art by me and a non-comic art to the gallery.


Update: So as I mentioned on the tag board my new tablet computer malfunctioned. I had to reformat it. Not much else to say, really. It sucks but I should have been more careful and will look into an external hard drive in case this happens again. It'll be a pain to get everything back up and running but nothing too important was lost forever.
I can be glad it decided to break the day after I finished my senior project, though.


Got a new tagboard. The old one was giving some people popups. Let's hope this one does better.

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