2007 October


One of my favorite comics, Oops, Nevermind, is back from hiatus! Check it, yo!


Scientivore made a fan mix, yo!


Okay, I hate to do this sort of thing, really thought I could avoid being this sort of webcomic guy, but finals are creeping up with all the stealth of a walrus in full plate armor. Rather than try to balance both PD and my final projects, likely resulting in a half-assed attempt at both, I'm going to take a week off from Parallel Dementia to focus on school and keep my sanity. It is my hope that doing it this way will mean better results all around.
So no Parallel Dementia this week. It will return the first Monday of December. Which, oddly, is the day before PD's second anniversary. Maybe I'll have time to make an extra long page or somesuch.
Well, guess we're stuck looking at a page about paychecks for a good while yet.


I'm going away for Thanksgiving break and won't be back until Sunday. Friday's page is done but we'll see if I have time to finish next Monday's. It might be late.


There's a cameo of me over at Terrible Things!


Well, that ends this issue. All in all I'm pretty happy with it, and that I feel I'm learning a lot both in art and writing every issue. I'll be going back down to Mondays and Fridays only now, though. Adding the Wednesday was just taking a lot out of me.
I've decided to start a new feature: Fall's Journal. Basically at the end of every major arch in the timeline I'll put up a journal entry by Fall. (Note that end of an arch doesn't mean end of an issue. It means a likely place for Fall to get some writing done.) It's fun to write from her perspective and these entries should provide a little bit of info not available, but not necessary, in the main comic.
I'll try and update the Extras section soon, and make some entries for past arcs.
This covers everything from after the move to Celmond to the end of the crossover/ Alexi's recent mission.


Well turns out that switching back to three a week was a terrible idea. It's eating my time more than I thought. So when this issue ends I'll go right back to Mondays and Fridays. Sorry.
Thanks to a script revision I need some Russian translation again. Same deal as last time, you'll be credited under the page and are free to request a drawing of some sort from me (though the last translator opted out of each.) It's not much to be translated, so if interested please send me an email or drop me a PM on my forums. Thanks.

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