2007 September


Hey! Ya ready for the news everyone likes to hear?! That's right!
Parallel Dementia is going to be taking another short break. I hate to have another one so soon after the last, but don't have much of an option. See, I'm moving to out of my little town into a city for college soon, and filling out final paper work + packing up + meeting with several people for goodbyes is taking a lot of my time. I've been finishing these pages just before they go up, and they're more stress right now than they are fun. Anyway, skipping Monday's update. Might update again on Friday but we'll see if I have to push it back a little more.
Sorry about this, and I hope you understand.


Decided to remove the random linkage thing. Many of those comics no longer update and when I add a new feature here soon, keeping that would just be crowded.
In similar news I've removed a host of comics that no longer update from the links page . Sorry to the people removed, but I simply don't want to recommend dead comics.
One of the links removed was Indefensible Positions. This one stopped updating... because it actually reached the end of its story! Now that's rare. With the story complete I highly recommend reading through IP. It shares many elements with Parallel Dementia concerning belief and reality, but takes it to a far more surreal level. Also has demons and robots (sometimes demon robots) and stuff. One of the first Comic Genesis comics I read.
I've added a few links too. Terrible Things was an addition to my links a while back, but I forgot to mention it. T_T's about the life and lies of a webcomic artist. It's insanely funny and random. For serious.
Ever After is quite unlike T_T. It takes place in a futuristic fairytale setting where several Mother Goose and Grimm characters are placed in a sort of mental institution. You know I like the anime and manga series Hellsing? Well this is on par as far an awesome violence goes. Interesting dark plot too boot, and I want to eat the creator, Endling's, brains in hopes of gaining his artistic powers!
Redslime is a webcomic review community I'm part of. We're just starting and working on our own site. (if you're a programmer who's practiced in PHP, and is willing to do a project for free, please drop me an email. WE NEEED YOOOOUUUU!) That doesn't stop us from counting eggs though.
Deviant Art has also been given a link. I mean, I like using it so should do what I can to return the favor.
Not last and not least, Gunnerkrigg Court has been added to my top favorites. GC's about a school in which totally awesome things happen! Things like ghosts, robots, space aliens, gods, and BIRDS!
Last and least, the news page has been updated with the new look. Site changes are going slowly, but they are going.


New fan art by Vincent Hunter, yo!

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