Raymond Midas

"One path is dangerous and unforgiving. The other is a way of lies."

Race: Human - Caucasian
Age: 55
Height: 6' 4"
Eye Color: Teal
Hair Color: Brown and grey
Weapon of Choice: Gloves

Not much is know about the Templar agent Raymond Midas, for he's not one
to talk about himself. The man has been working for the Templar since
its creation eleven years ago, and has since passed up the opportunity
to retire from, or even lead the organisation. He prefers to work in
exterminating what he's told to and does so with frightening efficiency.
He works alone, using a revolver and a pair of enchanted gloves to carry
out the Templar's will.

No one knows how he got a scar over both eyes. And no one asks.

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