Mercenaries are put out of their element when they not only deal with common thugs and crime lords, but cultists, bio-engineered zombies, and figments of their own imaginations.
This unique and gritty modern-set comic combines a very cartoon-like style with one of the darker storylines on the web. A black and white trio of gags, violence, and psychopathy.
Updates weekdays.

The special forces are up to no good, the robot kingdom is on the move, and a magical thief is still at large. The world seems to be getting a harder and harder place for two super-powerful con-artists to make a living.
Highly dynamic and stylish sci-fi/ fantasy comic with some of the best fight scenes around. It has humor and plot and all that, sure. But the action is where it's at.
Updates erratically.

A near-death experience awakens the latent mage in Orion Gates. He accidentally sends himself and his sister to a fantasy dimension where he begins his training to get them back home.
This modern fantasy comic follows the adventures of Orion and Laura as they travel from world to world. Very Lovecraftian with a hint of comedy and action.
Updates lazily.

The abnormal inhabitants of an even more abnormal apartment travel across worlds in search on mysterious artifacts while dealing with the problems, both supernatural and not, at home.
A comic that started as a gag-a-day but developed an epic plot line while retaining its humor. Contains a healthy dose of just about every genre.
Updates all the freaking time.
The events at Gunnerkrigg Court, a seemingly endless school, range from the wacky to the almost disturbing, but they all seem to tie together. Clearly something out of the ordinary, even for the Court, is afoot.
A simple and artistic art style combined with easy to follow but plot-driven writing make for an excellent modern fantasy/ sci-fi.
Updates Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

The students of Vita University, specifically the Rain House, must cope with an ever-growing presence of magic and the bizarre.
Chronological order is irrelevant in this very atmospheric comic, as we see the events at Vita University out of order. Almost dreamlike modern-fantasy comic with enough comedy and action to keep it stimulating.
Updates weekly.

While trailing a strange student, Jill and Claire are mistakenly (and illegally) transported to a futuristic dimension. Now they want to get home, but must deal with giant robots and highly-powerful soldiers on the way.
A science fiction with some well done anime elements. Contains plenty of action and has a highly dynamic style. Also dimensional travel is always a win with me.
Legends say it updates when the planets align and the moon is full.

When the evil lich Xylon and his followers attempt to control the power of a god-slaying abomination, it's up to a group of adventurers to stop the apocalypse.
This is perhaps the most popular comic I'll ever link, and only cause I love it so much. A stick-figure comic that has some artistic flare and is chuck-full of comedy (both D&D and not) while keeping an epic plot line and believable characters.
Updates tri-weekly.

It's not easy being the Messiah, especially in these modern times. Teenager Claude and his assorted group of strange friends go on many a wacky adventure while Claude prepares for his role of saving all of mankind.
While it has an epic storyline, this comedy never loses its ability to make one laugh. Some of the best drawn facial expressions around.
Totally updates once in a while.

Mortals should not fool around with magic. Jack finds that out the hard way when he turns his friend Sandra into a demon. Things get weirder, as demon-hunters, talking cartoon rabbits, werewolves, and wizards get thrown into the mix.
A funny but serious modern-fantasy in which the supernatural invades and changes a small town and a woman deals with losing herself to her demonic side.

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